by | May 15, 2019

by | May 15, 2019

Email Marketing For Magento

Tips and tricks

Magento customers value sustainable, automated growth. When you are looking for an email marketing system to match your beautiful Magento store, it needs to be able to catch up with your needs as a store owner. We know that you value your time and you want to streamline as much as possible. Whether you have a physical store or you are all online, email marketing can be there for you.

Here are some things to look for in an email marketing platform for Magento.

Your email marketing platform should:


1. Utilize Abandoned Cart Recovery

One of the best things you can do for your Magento store is use an email marketing platform that utilizes abandoned cart recovery. Abandoned cart recovery can increase your sales automatically, and you don’t even have to think about it.

Your customers are busy people. Whether they are shopping on your mobile site or browsing your store on their laptop, their life often gets in the way of their shopping experience. You can stop that from happening by utilizing an email marketing system that goes after these potential customers for you.

When you utilize abandoned cart recovery, your potential customers get an email in their inbox leading them back to your store. You can offer coupons, other items they may like, and encourage them to revisit their shopping cart in their own time.


2. Use The Same Standards As Your Magento Website

If you are building your store on Magento, you likely care about many things:

  • Your customer’s data safety and the security of your website
  • The importance of your mobile customers and their experience.
  • An excellent branded experience for your customers.

If you add anything to your site, it needs to have the same priorities. Your email marketing software is an extension of your Magento store.

You have to keep your customer data safe no matter if you store it in your Magento backend or on another website. You know you can trust Magento with your customer data. Your email marketing platform should always give you the same peace of mind.

Magento is built for mobile customers. When you create a store on Magento, you know that they will be able to access your store on their desktop or their mobile phone. Being mobile first is one of Magento’s core principles, after all.

Lastly, when you add a third party email service provider to your Magento site, it needs to reflect your brand. You should be able to change any form so that it fits seamlessly with your Magento store. You put a lot of effort into building up what you do. You don’t need an email form that stands out like a sore thumb!

Email marketing works most effectively when it feels like a part of your plan versus an afterthought. Branding helps bring your email marketing forms into the fold of your website so you can grow your list effectively.


3. Nurture New And Returning Customers

One of the most crucial things that email marketing can do for you is help you nurture new and returning customers. As a Magento user, you value looking at marketing your store from an omnichannel perspective. No matter where your customer’s come from or how they intend to shop, email marketing is key to building brand loyalty.

Your online, in-store, and hybrid customers can all benefit from being a part of your email list. Once you have them on your email list, you can send them relevant promotions by segmenting them according to how they shop. List segmentation ideas are endless! By asking your customers how they like to buy from your store, you can send them relevant offers that appeal to their shopping needs most.

Nurturing your customers is not something you can do if you don’t take email marketing seriously. You should keep in contact with everyone who has purchased from you in the past.


4. Focus On Data-Driven Analytics To Help You Market Your Products More Effectively

Email marketing for Magento should be as data-driven as the Magento platform itself. Magento is all about streamlining your business and using data to get better results. Email marketing relies on the same core concepts. Email marketing should make running your company easier, not harder.

Email service providers know that data-driven analytics are critical. Most email marketing platforms help you by showcasing significant clickthrough rates on your emails and links, giving you access to A/B or split testing, and helping you segment your list to reach the best customers.

Email marketing can give you more information on your customers than you ever thought imaginable if you pick the right platform.


5. Make Email Marketing Campaigns Simple To Run For Your Company

Last, but not least, email marketing campaigns should be simple. You may have seen the email marketing system provided by Magento and thought there had to be an easier solution. By creating your email list using a third party site, you can love email marketing again!

Most email marketing platforms make it extremely easy to send emails with drag and drop interfaces and tons of insightful documents. These features are geared toward helping you connect with your audience faster.

You may have thought twice about using a third party email marketing platform. Moving to one of these platforms may make your life exponentially simpler.



Email marketing for Magento doesn’t have to be difficult. A third party email marketing platform may be just what you need to get started with email marketing today. If you want to grow your email marketing capabilities on Magento, you need to think about what your customers need most. Third party email marketing platforms can deliver beautiful emails, data-driven analytics, and the security you need to start a fantastic email list.