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Full control to create, personalize and send any email you want

Send One-Time Emails

You may want to inform people about an event, important information or special offers. Send one-time emails instantly to your entire list.

Scheduled Emails

Schedule emails and newsletters for a specific date and time to reach maximum reach and interactions. No need for you to push the button.

Segmented Emails

Send personalized and segmented emails to parts of your list, and achieve higher interaction rates.


Email Autoresponders

Respond right away with automated email responders. Send thank you emails, welcome emails or deliver lead magnets automatically.

Split Emails

Send multiple versions of your email to your list, to find out which gives you the best interactions. Split testing email is a great way to optimize your email marketing.

Dynamic Emails

Send more personal emails with dynamic content, by using the information you already have on your contacts. Send personal birthday emails, offers and much more.

Professional Email Editor

Creating good content for your emails is hard enough, so we have made it easy for you to create any layout and design you want, and we automatically make it look great on any device.

Creating good-looking emails and newsletters has never been easier, and it will help raise conversion rates even higher.

Professional email marketing editor
Advanced email segmentation

Advanced Email Segmentation

It’s important to send the right content to the right people. Send emails and newsletters to parts of your lists and reach higher interaction and conversion rates.

You can create segments based on contact information or their previous behavior with your email marketing campaigns.

Split Testing

You could try to guess what works best in your next email marketing campaign, or you can use our split testing features to automate it.

By sending multiple versions of the same email to a small part of your list, our platform can determine which one works the best and send the winning one to the remaining people.

Split testing
Dynamic content

Dynamic Content

Easily personalize your email with dynamic content inside your emails, based on segments or tags. This can be used for personal greetings, offers or content based on what the person is interested in.

You can start to sell your products to new customers, or upsell to existing customers in the same email campaign.