Dynamic Content

Show people what they want to see, with dynamic content

People Are Unique, so Should Your Emails Be!

By using tags and segments, you can send every person exactly what they want to see.

Email marketing with dynamic content

Create Personal Emails with Tags

Add conditional content inside your emails, based on tags.

By giving your contacts tags such as “Previous Customer” or “Referred by ”, you can create some very personal content.

People react very well when they believe the content is just for them.

Personal emails with tags
Use tags, Segments and Behavior in your emails

Use Tags, Segments and Behavior

When you combine tags, segments and previous behavior, you can get very focused audiences.

Sending target email campaigns with content based on various tags and segments will skyrocket your interaction and conversion rates.

Show Offers Based on Interest

If you have a webshop, you can tag your contacts who have purchased before, and what product category they purchased from.

This way you can send an email marketing campaign to all previous customers, with special offers from the exact product category they previously bought from.

Illustrations of offers based on interest
Illustration of content pulled from other sources

Pull Content from Other Sources

You may publish content on many different platforms, and emails typically are not the first platform you publish to.

To save time, you could include your website’s blog RSS feed inside your weekly email campaign, to automatically have your latest articles sent to your subscribers.