Email Segmentation

Send the right content, to the right people with email segmentation

Send The Right Content, To The Right People with Email Segmentation

People want personal emails, you can do this with email segmentation

Use email segmentation for email marketing

Personalize Emails with Segments

People reacts to different content in each their way, so sending the same content to everyone makes no sense. 

Personalize your emails and newsletters by quickly creating segments of your lists based on your own defined rules and conditions.

Personalize emails and newsletters with segments
Dynamic segmentation in your emails

Dynamic Segmentation

Segments are dynamic groups, which automatically includes or excludes contacts which matches the rules and conditions. 

By using these dynamic segments, you dont have to manually apply tags to your contacts based on their information and interactions.

Using Segments in Automations

Imagine if you could create automated email campaigns, that takes into account which segment the contact belongs to, so that they recieve exactly the right content.

Well you can do just that with our segments, and since their dynamic, they can go in and out of various segments in real-time, always recieving the right email.

Use segments in your email marketing automations
Easy to use our segmentation tool

Easy to Use Tool

Its very easy to create your first segments by using our Segment Editor.

You can quickly add rules and conditions to almost any aspect of your contacts information or behaviour.