Split Testing

Small differences can make incredibly high impact on your email performance

A/B Split Testing Is One of the Best Ways to Optimize Performance

Increase interactions and sales by testing various version of your emails and newsletters

Use split testing in your email marketing

It’s Easy to Test

It may sound hard, but using our split testing features is easy. You simply create multiple emails, decide your desired “winning factors”, and how many people on your list you want to test with.

When you send your campaign, we measure the results in real time and send the winning variation to the rest of your contacts.

Its easy to do email split testing
Split test subject, from and email content

Split Test Multiple Factors at Once

You can split test many different things in your email marketing campaign, such as from information, subject, email content and delivery hours.

You provide the variations, we handle the calculations.

You Pick the Winning Factor

When setting up split testing, you decide what you consider the winning factor.

This can be open rates for sender and subject testing, or click rates based on content interactions.

You decide the winning email factor