Overview of our key features, that makes us your next marketing partner.

All-in-one solution

Our platform gives you access to all the tools you need, to be successful in your e-mail marketing.

  • Easy to use visual editors for e-mail campaigns, lead generating pop-ups, event landing pages and automated flows.
  • List segmentation and lead scoring for optimal targeting and results.
  • Detailed analysis and statistics that gives optimization suggestions, and of course beautiful graphs and numbers.
  • Integrations with dozen of platforms to make your data flow effortless.
All in one solution
Personalization and artificial intelligence

Personalization and Artificial intelligence

Give each of your subscribers a unique experience each time they recieve an e-mail from you, by sending them targeted messages based on their behaviour.

  • Personalized content in every e-mail.
  • Automate e-mails sending time, based on your specific subscribers previous behaviour and actions.
  • Track user behaviour on your website, to personalize content even more.

Amazing Drag n´ Drop editors

With our visual editors, anyone can create stunning e-mail campaigns, top performing lead generation pop-ups and even complex automation flows.

Pop-up editor

Make beautiful sign-up forms, pop-up´s or landing pages with our form editor.

E-mail editor

Create beautiful campaigns with our easy to use, drag and drop e-mail editor.

Automation editor

Create beautiful campaigns with our easy to use, drag and drop e-mail editor.

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List segmentation

Dividing your customers into more targeted groups, can help you send more personalized campaigns, and increase overall results.

  • Use our advanced segmentation tool, or let us do it for you trough automated algorithms.
  • We can segment your list based on personal details, behaviour and interactions with your website or newsletters.
  • Our segmentation are completely dynamic, which means that its always up to date no matter where you apply it in our system.
List segmentation
Generate more leads

More leads

We have various tools available to grow your marketing lists, by either embedded forms, pop-ups or landing pages.

  • No coding required, anyone can make stunning designs.
  • Customize almost anything with a few clicks.
  • Save and re-use your templates again and again, or pick one from our template library.
  • Define a color theme, so that your forms always look the same.

Advanced reports in real-time

Mailforge offers powerful analytics tools that are easy to understand. Our metrics will help you make better, more effective campaigns.

  • Get valuable metrics on every campaign you send.
  • Experience the amazing feeling of seeing your subscribers interact with your e-mail in real-time.
  • Let our algoritm´s suggest your next move, based on your statistics.
Advanced reports in real time

Ready to start marketing your business?

Mailforge offers powerful and detailed insights into your marketing campaigns, making them more profitable and more personal.

Import and Export templates

You can share your newsletter templates with any other Mailforge user with a simple click.

Preview campaigns

Preview your campaigns on various devices, and make sure its perfect.


Schedule campaigns

Send your campaign instantly, or schedule it for the future.

Media library

Upload and use your images in any campaign, or take advantage by more than 1 million images provided for free by Mailforge.


Define custom color themes, and make sure your campaigns always follow your company colors for optimal brand recognition.



Connect your favorite applications trough Zapier to optimize your work flow.

Spam score

Check your campaigns spam score before sending, to make sure your email hits that inbox.


Health check

Before we send your campaign out, we always perform a health check on any image or link, to make sure they exist and work.


The Mailforge platform is available in Danish and English.