Lead Generation

Grow your business and revenue with professional lead generation tools

Get More Qualified Leads with Popups, Embedded Forms and Landing Pages

Build up your business and revenue by getting more leads

Convert Visitors to Leads with Popups

Use our drag-and-drop popup editor to make professional-looking popups that look great on any device, or tease with catching call-to-action triggers that open a sign-up form.

Embed Forms on Your Website

Embed sign-up forms in your website footer, inside your content or in your landing pages. This is a great way to generate leads with minimum effort.

Get Leads Even Without a Website

Even without a website, you can generate leads by sharing links to our hosted pages, or by creating stunning landing pages hosted on our platform.

Professional Popup Editor

Grow more leads with beautiful and mobile-friendly popups on your website.

You have full control in our drag-and-drop editor to create a design that matches your brand and website with ease.

Professional popup editor
Using embedded forms

Using Embedded Forms

Create quick and easy forms for passive lead generation on your website. This could be a footer newsletter form, or perhaps a form inside a blog post.

Embedded forms are easy to integrate by copy/paste of the form html right into your website.

Hosted Forms

Hosted Pages can be used even without a website. Think of them as a “Standalone sign-up form”, that you can customize and design.

These are great for growing leads without having a website, or if you’re in a rush and just want a “sign up” link in your blog article.

Hosted forms
Landing pages

Landing Pages

Creating landing pages manually with a CMS such as WordPress takes a lot of time, and if you are using some landing page software, it can get quite expensive.

We have included a landing page editor in Mailforge, so you quickly can create landing pages which are easy to share.