by | Nov 16, 2017

by | Nov 16, 2017

Our email editor is finally alive!


We have now completed some of the final features and options on our drag n drop e-mail editor. Its been a fun and challenging task to make all the pieces work as they should.

We believe that the editors themselves are some of the key features in any e-mail platform, so that everyone can send the messages they wish, without being limited by their tool.

Our editor is build very dynamic, which means we can further develop the tools with new features almost from day to day. This will make sure we can meet the demands of our clients in a fast growing tech industry.

We will very soon begin to pull in testers, so that we can eliminate any bugs and get valuable feedback while we finish the rest of our basic features.

Do you wish to be contacted when the platform goes live, please email and we will contact you.