by | Oct 24, 2017

by | Oct 24, 2017

Our popup module is completed


Its been some tough couple of weeks with sweat on both hands and forehead, during the development of this popup module. You may wonder, what a popup module are, a popup is what of the most used methods of collecting leads from your website.

Typically a company will have a popup on their website, that opens up after 10-20 seconds, where it will present itself to the visitor with an offer they cant resist. It just takes a submission of the visitors e-mail, and then your all set.

Of course this isent a sale yet, but it will give you some of the strongest target groups, that you can connect with in the future, either for sales or valuable feedback.

Our popup editor is actually so dynamic, that you can make almost anything. A submission popup for e-mail generation, or maybe normal advertisement displaying some products and maybe a CTA (Call to action) button.

We only give the best for our clients, so we made some amazing deals so that we can give all our users access to +1 million images in our editors, completely free!