by | Nov 25, 2017

by | Nov 25, 2017

We got a goal, and we know how!


Where we going

There is no doubt about the lacking solutions of e-mail marketing platforms that are “up-to-date” with the current AI / Machine learning technologies available to them, and especially the automation of this. Many of the current platforms demands that you have a professional company helping setting all these fancy things, to take full advantage of their features.

We have done a lot of brainstorming this year, about how to solve the issues targeting and making e-mails personal, and the solutions is actually not that hard to solve. If the platform is build with that goal in mind, the structure and database will give all the data you need and the development will be a breeze for our developers. The “big guys” in the market have developed for years and years on their platforms, but perhaps not in same direction as the market. That gives us a huge advantage, as we can turn the direction of our platform quite fast. (David versus goliath?)

The goal is here

We have met with many experienced people in the e-mail marketing field to find our path in all this, and get a better e-mail marketing platform. We believe that the ecommerce business´s have some tough issues, in regards of making personal content, targeted their customers based on their previous behaviour.

Thats our goal, to focus all our development and energy into making Mailforge for webshop owners. We will keep you updated with our idea´s here on this blog.