E-mail Marketing Automation

The next generation of email marketing by Mailforge

Marketing automation with powerful features

Our platform have some of the most advanced and user-friendly drag-and-drop editors, which gives you full control of your landing pages, e-mail campaigns, pop-ups and more, which can increase your conversions and revenue today. It´s both easy and fast to work in our editors, and you can try now completely free.


Full Control

Create amazing e-mail campaigns for your customers or stunning lead generating pop-ups for your website. Our drag and drop editor, will give you full control and is easy to use.

Lead Generation

Make beautiful sign-up forms, pop-up´s or landing pages with our powerful form editor. Our lead generation forms are also fully mobile friendly.

Portable forms

Create stunning landing pages, which can be used on any device at events or in your store, for easy lead collection.

Automate your marketing

Personalize the experience for your subscribers by making automated sequences of actions, based on their behaviours and interests. Our drag and drop flow editor is easy to use, and gives you an amazing overview.

  • Our Flow editor is easy to use, and gives you full control over your automated marketing flow.
  • Create targeted campaigns based on subscriber behaviour and interests.
  • Automated flows gives more consistent results, which can easily be optimized.
Automate your marketing
Advanced reports

Advanced reports

Mailforge offers powerful analytics tools that are easy to understand. Our metrics will help you make better, more effective campaigns by giving you information like most used devices, browsers and individual interaction behaviour with the e-mail campaign.


Advanced reports in real-time

Experience the amazing feeling when you see your subscribers interact with your campaign in real time.


Compare your results

Easily compare metrics between campaigns, or even other Mailforge users to further improve your marketing.

Click overview

Use our detailed click overview to better understand what your subscribers were interested in and to improve conversions even more.

Ready to start marketing your business?

Mailforge offers powerful and detailed insights into your marketing campaigns, making them more profitable and more personal.

Support and feedback

You can get in touch with us at any time within our application, with any questions or feedback, making your experience and our platform better.

  • Get in touch with us with any questions you may have trough our integrated chat system.
  • Both you and our supporters, always have access to previous conversations, giving you a much more personal and effective support session.
  • Support is available in both Danish and English.
Support and feedback