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And lead generation

E-mail marketing is still one of the best sales-channels in online marketing, have you started?

Try our easy tools to create stunning newsletters, converting popups, and grow your revenue today.

Email newsletter editor

Grow Your Revenue with Professionel Newsletters

Our platform have some of the most advanced and userfriendly drag n´ drop editors. Our newsletter editor is easy to use, and requires no technical knowledge to create amazing mobile friendly newsletters, that can grow your revenue today.

High Conversions

E-mail newsletters have some of the best conversion rates, because your advertising directly to your audience and people who have shown interest in your product already, perhaps trough purchases in your webshop.

Full Control and User Friendly

In our newsletter editor, you have full control over any element. You can quickly and easy design your identity which will create more sales, and brand awareness.

Mobile Friendly

When your designing your newsletter in our editor, you almost dont have to think about mobile devices, as our editor automaticly adjust the content to look good on any device, and even many e-mail clients .

Reach More Potential Customers with Popups

Your website recieves a lot of visitors which doesnt directly results in a sale or contact request. That doesnt mean they arent interested in your product, and they may still be interested in learning more.

Thats why we have created a popup editor, from which you can create the most stunning and userfriendly popups, that you can embed directly on your website.

  • Our popup editor is easy to use, and gives you full control over its appearence, which data to collect, when and how to display it on your website.
  • Mobile friendly is important, so ofcourse our popups looks just as amazing on mobile devices to.
  • Our popups can be minimized and act as a Call to Action in the bottom of your website..
Automatiser din markedsføring
Avancerede rapporter

Advanced Reports and Statistics

Our reports of your sent newsletters, gives you a quick overview over deliveries, opens and interactions with your newsletter. You can even see what content your contacts interacts with, which devices, browsers and operation systems they use.

Understanding your contacts interactions with your newsletter, gives you better and more effective oppertunities to optimize your future newsletter campaigns even more.


Advanced Reports in Real-Time

Experience the amazing feeling, when seeing your contacts interact with your newsletter in real-time. You also gets a graph that shows when your newsletter is opened and clicked which gives you tips for when to schedule your next newsletter.

More Knowledge, More Sales

You get a good overview on which devices your contacts opens you newsletter from, or if their on Android or IOS. This will help you target your newsletters exactly towards the right segment, and reach more conversions.

Click Overview

Use our detailed click overview, to better understand what your contacts interest´s are, to raise conversions even more. By knowing what links that catches people´s attention, you can optimize your next newsletter to perfection.

Ready to Start Marketing Your Business?

Mailforge offers powerful and detailed insights into your marketing campaigns, making them more profitable and more personal.

Support and Feedback

You can get in touch with us at any time within our application, with any questions or feedback, making your experience and our platform better.

  • Get in touch with us with any questions you may have trough our integrated chat system.
  • Both you and our supporters, always have access to previous conversations, giving you a much more personal and effective support session.
  • Support is available in both Danish and English.
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